7 Symptoms That Something is Wrong with Your TMJ

TMJ is the abbreviation for Temporomandibular Joint. This joint comprises a ball and a socket to move the jaws. It is located at the side of your face. Many individuals suffer from TMJ disorders. Just like with any other health issue, diagnosing whether you have something wrong with TMJ is essential. If you diagnose the problem, you can treat it very easily. Well, here are seven symptoms that tell that there is something wrong with your TMJ.

  1. Headaches

One of the most common symptoms associated with TMJ is headaches.  In most of the cases, these headaches can develop into severe pains, and many individuals mistake them for migraines as well. But if you feel a headache in specific areas such as behind the eyes, back of the head, and in the temple area, that can be a sign of TMJ-related headaches. Also, some pain might radiate towards the neck and shoulders as well.

2. Tenderness

Another major symptom associated with TMJ is tenderness. This respective tenderness can emerge in the jaw area. It can also spread towards the ears.

3. Congestion in the ears

If you don’t have an ear infection and still experience a congested feeling in the ears, that might be a sign of TMJ disorder. If you encounter such congestion, you should get Bruxism and TMJ pain treatment at your earliest. Apart from the congestion, you might experience reduced or loss of hearing, dizziness, loss of balance, etc. All these symptoms can be strong symptoms of TMJ.

4. Popping

If you experience a popping sound (or a clicking sound) when opening and closing the mouth, that is another strong symptom behind TMJ disorderliness. This popping sound occurs as a result of condyle slipping on the dislocated bone. In addition to that, you may hear a grating sound as well. These sounds emerge by two bones rubbing against each other. But these symptoms are noticeable once the disorder has become pretty severe.

5. Get bruxism & TMJ pain treatment if you experience Restricted jaw movement

You will need to get yourself treated if you experience a restriction on your jaw movement. In this case, you should seek immediate medical attention before the situation becomes severe.

6. Depression

Believe it or not, depression is another symptom associated with TMJ disorder. This happens because most of the patients are not capable of understanding the causes behind the pains they experience.

7. Too sensitive for light

Those who suffer from TMJ disorder might be too sensitive to light. Often, this condition is referred to as photophobia as well.

After identifying the symptoms, the first thing you should do is to get bruxism & TMJ pain treatment from a professional. Act immediately to get treatments and experience wellness. Be sure that you observe the symptoms carefully and make the right decision. With a successful treatment session, you can notice a considerable amount of relief and get back to your normal life.

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