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What in the World are Bonding and Contouring?

In the world of cosmetic dentistry, you have the rock stars – well known procedures like porcelain veneers and teeth whitening – and you have cosmetic bonding and tooth contouring, the guys behind the scenes providing reliable, conservative repairs without much flash or fuss. Invisalign Dentist Near Me could also help straighten your teeth in a different way compared to cosmetic bonding. Dr. K, your teeth bonding dentist Calabasast, discusses what you can expect from bonding and contouring and which smile imperfections they can address:

Cosmetic Bonding.

Using composite resin (the same material used to place dental fillings), Dr. K can mask or correct a number of mild-to-moderate cosmetic issues, including chipped teeth, teeth with severe intrinsic stains that cannot be treated with professional teeth whitening, gapped teeth, and more. This exceptionally conservative procedure has several steps and only takes about an hour to complete:

  1. First, Dr. K matches the resin material to your natural tooth enamel.
  2. Next, he applies a conditioning liquid to the enamel to ensure a strong bond.
  3. Then, he applies the resin to the tooth and, using a special light, allows it to cure.
  4. Once cured, the resin is shaped and polished so it blends with your natural teeth.

Tooth Contouring.

While bonding adds material to your teeth, contouring removes tiny amounts of material in order to refine and perfect the shape and evenness of your teeth. Issues that tooth contouring can address include teeth of uneven length, overlapping teeth, and teeth with jagged or pointy edges. During this procedure, you can expect Dr. K to:

  1. Assess the strength of your enamel. Weak enamel is unsuitable for contouring and can be better addressed with procedures like bonding or porcelain veneers.
  2. Using a series of specialized tools, Dr. K will shape the tooth.
  3. Finally, he will polish it to a brilliant gleam.

Minor Repairs for Major Results

Who knew cosmetic dentistry could be so simple? We see a high volume of cosmetic cases and many of them only need a few tweaks to craft a smile that looks vibrantly healthy and beautiful. In some cases, a single long, pointy, chipped, or stained tooth can throw an entire smile off kilter. Luckily, a few conservative treatments can noticeably improve overall facial esthetics in cases like these. We find it deeply satisfying when we can develop a cosmetic treatment plan that helps a patient find renewed confidence. Cosmetic dentistry Calabasas genuinely want you to fall in love with your new smile!

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