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Why are Children’s Dental Visits Necessary?

A husband and father himself, Dr. K , our childrens dentist Calabasas understands firsthand that parents want only the best for their children. One of the best ways parents can help their children enjoy strong, healthy teeth throughout their childhood. In adulthood is to begin taking them from regular dental checkups at an early age.

Regular dental appointments with a gentle, caring, and friendly children’s dentist and dental staff can help in three distinct ways:

  1. Keep an eye on oral health and development. As with any health problem, dental or otherwise, early identification is key to swift and successful treatments. Regular dental visits help us keep track of any potential problems your child might have with tooth decay, gingivitis, dental cavities and spacing, alignment, or bite issues that may require orthodontic intervention later on.
  2. Establish healthy hygiene habits. Let’s face it: children have notoriously spotty dental hygiene skills. Even when they don’t try to get out of brushing and flossing, their technique often misses places where plaque likes to hide. Our cheerful hygiene staff can help you child hone his or her brushing and flossing skills and encourage them to practice these habits at home.
  3. Establish positive associations with the dentist. Many adults who suffer from dental fear or dental anxiety developed their condition as the result of a negative experience with a dentist during childhood. Conversely, visiting a friendly children’s dentist in a relaxing, positive environment will encourage your child to continue receiving professional dental care as they grow into adulthood.

Addressing Children’s Dental Needs (with a Smile)

At your child’s checkup, you can expect Dr. K to perform a thorough visual examination and, in some cases, take digital x-rays (don’t worry: digital x-rays are perfectly safe and emit 90% less radiation than traditional dental x-rays). We will gently clean your child’s teeth and, if requested, demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques. Next, Dr. K will talk to you and your child about any problems that may have been identified as well as suggest the best course of treatment. Finally, your little one will get the chance to visit our treasure chest which we have stocked with an assortment of wonderful toys and goodies.

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