Dental Implants Questions

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Can anyone receive dental implants?

Unfortunately, dental implants may not be the right solution for every patient. Candidates for dental implants need to be in generally good overall health. People with diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses, or immune system deficiencies will need to be reviewed on an individual basis to determine candidacy. In addition, smokers or patients with a history of poor dental hygiene are more prone to dental implant failure and may not make good candidates. That said, demonstrating a commitment to improving your oral health by quitting smoking or improving your dental hygiene habits could help you qualify.

I’m missing all of my top teeth. Can dental implants be used with dentures?

Absolutely! Dental implant-secured dentures provide an ideal alternative to regular dentures.  Securing a full denture (one that replaces all the teeth on either the top or bottom arch) to dental implants is one of the most commonly performed dental implant procedures. Many denture wearers think that removable dentures are the “end of the line” and resign themselves to a lifetime of refittings, relinings, messy adhesives, and frequent embarrassing mishaps. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Implant-secured dentures can help you feel more confident and the dramatic improvement in your ability to eat normal foods will give you a new lease on life.

Are there any drawbacks to dental implants?

The two primary drawbacks of dental implants are:

  • Candidacy: Not everyone will qualify for dental implants. Diabetics and people with heart disease may not make good dental implant candidates. Additionally, smokers, people with poor oral hygiene habits, and those with compromised jawbone tissue may need to take significant steps before qualifying for the procedure.
  • Time commitment: Once the implants have been placed by our periodontist, they will need 3-6 months to completely heal and fuse with the surrounding jawbone tissue. However, when you compare a few months to a lifetime of healthy, stable, functional teeth, the wait seems well worth it.

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