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Saving Your Teeth with Root Canal Therapy

Just whispering the words “root canal” can send some people running for the hills. It has the reputation for being an intensely unpleasant and prolonged procedure. Our root canal dentist Calabasas performs the therapy under local anesthesia and, if needed, dental sedation. Moreover, root canals remove the source of pain and discomfort – infected pulpal tissue – and save your tooth from total extraction.

What to Expect from Root Canal Therapy

Your Calabasas dentist, Dr. K, believes that knowing what to expect from a root canal procedure can help put the minds of many patients at ease. Before proceeding, Dr. K can provide you with dental sedation so that you feel relaxed and comfortable. Once the site has been numbed, Dr. K will use a series of tools to remove the infected pulp tissue from the inner chamber of the tooth . Next, he will clean and sanitize the chamber and fill it with a flexible but supportive rubbery compound called gutta percha. Finally, our dental crown dentist will secure the tooth by capping it with a porcelain dental crown. Although you may feel some minor soreness at the site of the treated tooth for the next few days, over-the-counter pain medication like Tylenol can help relieve this temporary discomfort.

Providing Care for Nervous Patients

It’s not just root canals that make some dental patients nervous. An estimated 30-40 million Americans suffer from a psychological condition called dental anxiety or dental fear, a disorder that often prevents them from receiving necessary smile care. Dr. K understands that some of his patients need help relaxing in order to receive the care they need, so he offers two gentle dental sedation options: oral sedation and IV sedation. Appropriate for different procedures and different levels of dental fear, both of these safe and effective sedation dentistry techniques can help even the most nervous patients receive the care they need.

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