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Preserve Your Smile with Root Canal Therapy

When you hear the words “root canal” does a chill run down your spine? You’re not alone. Many people dread this safe and comfortable procedure due to exaggerated stories and unfounded rumors. Often, patients don’t realize that root canal therapy can improve the health and function of your smile. Your Calabasas dentist, Dr. Payam Khalepari, can treat infected and abscessed teeth with a simple root canal. Preserve Your Smile with Root Canal Therapy was last modified: January 23rd, 2014 by Calabasas Editor

Do You Have a Cavity?

Tooth decay is a serious and widespread dental issue. Without treatment, a cavity threatens the health, appearance, and stability of your smile. Your Calabasas dentist, Dr. Payam Khalepari, offers treatment for tooth decay using the latest in general and restorative dentistry to identify and repair cavities. Do You Have a Cavity? was last modified: December 17th, 2015 by Calabasas Editor