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3 Signs Its Time For Your Dental Check-Up

If you’re like me, you probably don’t think too much about your teeth and gums. Sure, they give us the ability to speak and chew our food, but what else is there? It turns out there’s quite a lot. Your mouth is home to some of your body’s most important organs, including your tongue, teeth, and gums. As such, you must take care of them. While we may not fully understand how important our teeth and gums are, there are plenty of signs that indicate it might be time for a dental check-up. Some of these can be subtle, such… Read more »

Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Ruin Your Smile

Does even thinking about a trip to the dentist make you uneasy? You’re not alone. Recent studies have shown that nearly 8% of the population of the U.S. avoids going to the dentist altogether, and another 20% postpone trips to the dentist until their condition becomes too painful. That is why Dr. Khalepari utilizes sedation dentistry in our Calabasas, CA office. Dr. Khalepari creates a warm, comfortable environment in which you can receive excellent dental care without anxiety. Whether you had a negative dental experience in childhood or have a general fear of medical offices, we are here to cater… Read more »