How to get a picture-perfect smile on your wedding day

Let’s face it: most people aren’t excited about going to the dentist. It’s a place where we go
when something hurts, and we often associate the experience with pain and discomfort. But did
you know that there are many ways to ensure your smile looks it’s very best on your wedding
day? Luckily, dentists have some great tips for making sure that you get a picture-perfect smile
for your big day.
You can have a picture-perfect smile on your wedding day by focusing on oral health ahead of time.
The importance of oral health cannot be overstated. Research shows that the state of a
persons smile can have a significant impact on their overall confidence and self-esteem. When
it comes to your wedding day, it’s more important than ever to feel comfortable in your
skin—and that means having an inviting smile that radiates happiness and confidence.
As you prepare for your big day, begin incorporating simple habits into your daily routine to help
keep your teeth healthy and strong. Brush twice each day with fluoride toothpaste and floss
once per day (use the additional time for special occasions!). If you have any questions about
how best to care for your teeth or gums during this exciting time in life, schedule an appointment
with Dr. K .

● See your dentist regularly.

● If you are not already, schedule regular checkups, teeth cleanings, dental X-rays, and
● Get a professional teeth whitening treatment if possible.
● Have veneers installed if necessary
● Have cosmetic dentistry procedures been done (at the least get the ones that can be
done at home)
● Use at-home teeth whitening kits and get customized teeth whitening trays made by your
dentist or orthodontist to keep your smile looking healthy on your wedding day!
Brushing and flossing are vital.

You might be wondering, how do make sure my smile is camera-ready? We’ve got you covered!
The first step is to continue to brush and floss regularly. To make sure you have the tools you
need for a flawless smile, follow these steps:
● Use a soft-bristled toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste
● Brush for 2 minutes (using an egg timer makes it easy)
● Brush your teeth in small circles or back and forth motions as well as your tongue
● Floss daily or use interdental cleaners
● Use a tongue scraper to get rid of bacteria hiding on the sides of your tongue
Give Up Your Vices.
To begin with, you should give up your vices. Some of the things that can negatively affect your
smile are:
● Smoking. If you smoke, stop now! Nicotine stains the teeth and causes them to yellow.
Also, smoking is not good for your overall health and it can cause bad breath (which will
only make matters worse if you're already nervous about smiling in front of a crowd or
having your picture taken).
● Coffee drinking. Again, this may seem like an easy fix but if you tend to drink coffee
regularly then cutting back or quitting altogether will help ensure that your smile looks its
best on the big day. Caffeine stains teeth and causes dehydration which will result in dry
lips and mouth—two things nobody wants to see at their wedding!
● Red wine drinking/chewing tobacco use/eating sticky candy/sugary foods are all other
vices that can impact how well-hydrated our mouths are throughout the day; so try not to
engage in them too much leading up to the ceremony date.
Drinking too much coffee or red wine and smoking can stain your teeth, as well as cause gum
disease. If you’re a smoker, stop smoking at least two weeks before your wedding day—and if
you drink coffee or red wine on occasion, don’t do it more than once a week. Start practicing
good oral hygiene now so that you can avoid cavities and bad breath by the time of your big
Have a professional cleaning before the wedding

This is a really good time to get any repairs done. You might not have time later, so taking care
of this now will help ensure you have a perfect smile on the big day. If you need to get your
teeth whitened, this is also the right moment because it will be much easier in the days leading
up to the wedding.
Another advantage of having a deep teeth cleaning before your wedding is that if any other
concerns need addressing—for example, missing teeth—you can make an appointment with
your dentist and get these taken care of as well.

So how do you get that perfect smile on your wedding day? Well, it all starts with a great smile &
a great oral health routine. If you want to make sure that your teeth look their best, then you
need to start with a visit to the dentist. Having regular check-ups will help keep your mouth
healthy and strong so that when the big day comes around, you’ll be ready to show off your
pearly whites in all their glory! Happy wedding!

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